3 Easy Tips for “Green” Moving

There are a lot of important details that go into moving; the packing, planning, organizing, and of course, hiring a top moving company like Gold Medal Moving & Storage. But what if making your move process better for the planet was also a top priority? Not to worry—making your move “eco-friendly” is a lot easier than you might think and may actually reduce some of the stress of moving. Here, you friends at Gold Medal Moving & Storage have 3 tips and tricks to ensure that your move is as good for your family as it is for the environment.

Ditch the Cardboard

Though the first image that comes to mind when moving is likely a big stack of cardboard boxes, consider using reusable boxes and bins to eliminate unnecessary waste. Large, sturdy, plastic bins are an affordable alternative that you can purchase at nearly any convenience or department store. You can also use items you already own to pack items in. For example, keep lightweight linens and clothes in decorative bins, store stuffed animals in drawers or baskets; or simply use your travel bags and suitcases to transport your belongings.

Ditch the Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap, like plastic bags and other common materials, are hard (or impossible) to decompose, so cutting them out of your packing routine is a great way to keep them out of landfills and dumps. Instead, secure your delicate items with things like sheets, old clothes, towels, or extra rags and bedding—nearly anything soft and pliable will do.

Ditch the Chemicals

Before you move anywhere, you’ll need to clean out your old home or apartment. When you’re ready to get started, reach for environmentally-friendly cleaning products instead of their harsh, chemical-packed alternatives. There are many brands available now that offer everything from toilet bowl cleaners to dishwashing powder and everything in between in healthy, earth-friendly formulations that still have the cleaning power you need.
For even more tips and tricks for making your move “green,” contact Gold Medal Moving & Storage! We are the top choice for all of your residential, commercial or specialized moving needs. You can speak to one of our friendly representatives or fill out our quick online form to get started today!