5 Tips to Help You Stay Safe & Alert While Driving Overnight

Driving at night for a move isn’t ideal, but, nevertheless, people do it. It’s especially common if you’re moving cross-state or cross country – circumstances under which most people have no choice but to spend long hours in the car!

Here are 5 tips our Orange County movers usually give customers who are making a long trek to their new home:

Caffeine is your friend.

You may not like it on a daily basis. It may give you the jitters. It may even make you anxious. But if you’re trying to stay awake in a real boring situation (like driving cross-country), nothing really beats a good cup-o-Joe.

Can’t stand the taste of coffee? No sweat. Have an energy drink – same effect, different flavors.

Food is your enemy.

You have to eat for energy. We’re not saying you shouldn’t eat. No way. However, when you do, make sure to eat slowly. Be very conscious of your intake, as too much food can put you right to sleep.

Sugar is a real downer.

Sure, sugar will pick you up… for like 5 minutes! Then it’ll make you crash harder than a rock over a waterfall. Don’t fall victim to sugar. You’re better off simply avoiding it.

Gum keeps you from yawning.

Chewing gum really does stop you from yawning: It keeps your mouth busy. Chew gum. Yawn less. Stay alert. It’s that simple.

The more senses you’re using, the better.

If you’re moving from the OC, we usually suggest ice, because it’s cool and refreshing – unlike the heat you’re most likely driving through.

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