Don’t Break Your Back! Avoid Injury with these Safe Moving Tips

Don’t Break Your Back! Avoid Injury with these Safe Moving Tips

“Lift with your legs.” This is a piece of advice everyone has heard at least once in their lives. That’s because lifting with improper form can be incredibly damaging to your back. Keeping your legs straight while making jerking and twisting movements could potentially lead to a strained lumbar or worse; a herniated disc. To avoid injury and keep yourself healthy, abide by these moving safety tips provided by our Orange County Movers.

Hire Professionals for Heavy-Duty Items

Some items require special care and equipment to move. Don’t try to be a superhero and put yourself at risk by trying to handle these belongings yourself. Hire a professional moving company to take on tasks like this. They have experience, training and skill in moving bulky items, so they’ll be able to complete your request with ease and efficiency.

Wear Tough, Long Clothing and Boots

Boxes rubbing against your skin can lead to unpleasant chaffing, so make sure you cover up during your relocation. Additionally, wear work boots so your feet are protected in the event something is dropped on them.

Stay Hydrated

If you’re moving during the warmer months, make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Relocating from one home to another is an exhausting task that will cause you to sweat profusely in hot weather. Simply keep multiple water bottles with you at all times to ensure you don’t pass out from dehydration and hurt yourself.

Survey the Area

When it comes to moving safety, it’s smart to survey the area of your new home. In doing so, you can find any holes, cracks or bumps in the ground that could cause you to take a spill and hurt yourself. Move-in day is supposed to be exciting; don’t squander it by breaking your leg.

Lift with your Legs

As mentioned earlier, this universally-known moving safety tip is probably the most important. It’s astonishing how many people throw their backs out by using improper technique to lift boxes and furniture. Don’t end up like this. Make sure to push with your legs when lifting items off the floor and keep your back from twisting and jerking. At first, it may be hard to train your brain to do this because we naturally favor our backs. However, with practice, it’ll be as natural as breathing.

Relocating can be a risky process if not handled correctly. To keep yourself safe and injury free during your move, follow these tips. If you’re looking for an Orange County moving company to assist you with the heavy lifting, contact Gold Medal Moving today. Our crews are trained in advanced lifting techniques, so they can handle all of your belongings with ease. Call us or fill out our online form to receive your free quote today!