Things You Need to Know When Moving to the West Coast

Are you getting ready to make a long distance move to California? Congratulations! Moving from the East Coast or the Midwest to the West Coast is not only a matter of miles – there are many new things to prepare for (and celebrate!) The West Coast is often said to sunnier, more laid-back, and more environmentally conscious that the East Coast. While these differences are often a matter of personal opinion, what are the facts you need to know about moving to the West Coast? The professionals at Gold Medal Moving have shared some reasons why the West Coast is unique. These include:

Beautiful Scenery

Go hiking in the Olympics or Cascade Mountains and visit Yosemite National Park to get a glimpse of the West Coast’s natural beauty. Don’t forget to see California’s redwood forests or the Emerald Bay.

High-Tech Economy

Apple…Microsoft…Google …where are all of these corporations based? You guessed it – the West Coast. California is an ideal destination for high-tech professionals and entrepreneurs looking to begin or enhance a career.

Proximity to Asia

If you do business with China, Japan, or any other country nearby in the Eastern Hemisphere, communication will become much easier due to closer time zones.

Legendary Beaches

The East Coast and some places in the Midwest have their share of beaches, but when it comes to surfing, sailing, and other water sports, California is hard to beat.
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